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You can retrieve and display weather information from the National Weather Service.

TRY IT. Scan the barcode to your Android phone:
CUSTOMIZE IT. Download the source code blocks to create your own weather app.

  1. save the source file to your computer–>
  2. open the My Projects page in App Inventor
  3. select Upload Source
  4. choose this file
EXPLORE the Weather API. This is a web page interface to the same data used by the App Inventor Android app. Tiny Web Weather
CUSTOMIZE THE API. Are you a programmer? If so, download the source code for the API. It’s an App Engine program written in Python.

12 Responses

  1. Hi ,

    I’m a newbie and i tried to scan the bar code, which you have provided. However, the link seems to be invalid. I get only ‘404’ NOT FOUND message. Please help me.


  2. […] prova a dare un occhio a questa pagina, fa una cosa simile a quello che vorresti fare te… Weather App Inventor API buon lavoro __________________ il mio blog sulla programmazione con App […]

  3. Hi sir,
    Plz,sir send weather application source code because me try it but some error’s are occure and application not work.plz help me…

  4. Hello Sir,
    Plz,send this application source code because i run it but some error’s are occur.so,help me…..

  5. save the source file to your computer–>
    open the My Projects page in App Inventor
    select Upload Source
    choose this file
    The only way I know to get a project into app inventor is to upload the .aia file. I don’r see this.
    Also you indicate that I should “choose” this file, what file is this?
    I would like to explore your example and learn but I don’t understand how to upload your source code.
    Please explain in detail.
    I have made an 1 app and put it into the google play store. It works but it is a simple app. Find it under education with search word sojourn, It is called bibile message.

  6. I just figured out that you are using app inventor 1. How do you load your source file into app inventor 2 or is this possible?
    thanks. Sojourn

  7. I can’t see the image clearly. Can someone clarify the blocks? I can’t download or view it because my computer can’t read it.

  8. I uploaded an updated version of the example that uses the web component and app inventor 2 at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64500830/TinyWeather.aia

  9. I was trying to get the source code and was wondering how you guys got the aia file

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