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David Wolber is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. David teaches App Inventor in his “Computing, Robots, and the Web” course at USF. The apps created by his students– mostly humanities and business majors with no prior programming experience–have been chronicled in App Inventor articles of the New York Times, Tech CrunchFortune.CNN.com, and Yahoo news.

David began working with App Inventor as part of Google’s pilot program for exploring the use of App Inventor in college courses. He has received a grant from Google to work with the App Inventor team and he is the author of the advanced tutorials that appear on the App Inventor site.

David also teaches App Engine in his “Introduction to Computer Science” course at USF. Because of the power of Python and App Engine, his students are able to create dynamic web pages in their first semester of programming.

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Dean Sanvitale is a programmer intrigued by App Inventor’s amazing accessibility. After noticing the many requests to connect App Inventor to various web APIs, he decided to help out with the tutorials you see on this site. You can find some of Dean’s investigations here.

Martin Keywood is an IT Project Manager but really an ex-programmer who can’t let go. Having played around a lot with iPhone SDK and Android SDK he became intrigued by App Inventor’s accessibility and potential for creating Apps quicker and easier. It really is exposing App Development to people who without it may not get the opportunity to share their excellent ideas.
Having always been intrigued with data interchange and integration architecture the excitement of pushing limitations and playing with PHP and App Inventor together was just too great to refuse. 

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