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You’re browsing at your favorite bookstore and want to know how much a book costs at Amazon. Amazon at the Bookstore is an Android app that lets you search Amazon by keyword or ISBN number, and find the lowest price of the books you find.

TRY IT. Scan the barcode to your Android phone:
CUSTOMIZE IT. Download the source code blocks to create your own Amazon app.

  1. save the source file to your computer–>
  2. open the My Projects page in App Inventor
  3. select Upload Source
  4. choose this file
EXPLORE the Amazon API. This is a web page interface to the same data used by the App Inventor Android app. Amazon API Explorer
CUSTOMIZE THE API. Are you a programmer? If so, download the source code for the API. It’s an App Engine program written in Python. It only provides access to some of the Amazon functionality–you can easily add more! Note that you’ll need to get and use your own Amazon Web Service account

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  1. that’s great, i like it….

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